How To Find Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers With Pass Plus?

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Car insurance premiums for young drivers in the USA are typically very high. The seemingly unfair premium rates are driven by the fact that car insurance companies consider young drivers as a liability because of their accident statistics. For instance, according to recent statistics, drivers of ages 17-25 are twice more likely to have accidents than drivers in their 30s, and are six times more prone to accidents than drivers aged above 50. Studies have also demonstrated that the number of accidents a driver can have only begins to decline after the age of 25. Therefore, car insurers have more financial concerns when they cover young drivers and usually set very high premiums for the young motorists.

So, What Is The Concept Behind Pass Plus Anyway?

Pass Plus is an extra driving qualification that is obtained through taking further lessons after passing the driving test. The course is tailored to help young drivers to gain experience on the aspects of driving that are not included in initial driving lessons. Young drivers can register for tuition with any registered Pass Plus driving instructors and begin their training. The cost of the Pass Plus training varies with the driving school (instructor) selected and with the location of training. In some areas, local authorities offer sponsorships for young drivers’ Pass Plus training.

The Pass Plus course consists of six practical modules as follows:

  1. Night driving
  2. Driving in town
  3. Driving out of town (in rural roads)
  4. Driving in all weathers
  5. Driving in motorways
  6. Dual carriageways driving

While there is no driving test after completing the course, young drivers are assessed continuously during their training and are given the Pass Plus certificate at the end of training. After their training, the young drivers have sufficient experience which helps them to reduce their statistical likelihood of having accidents and making claims. The young drivers will also be better, safer and more confident on the wheels, and will therefore save money on their car insurance.

How To Use Pass Plus To Get Cheaper Car Insurance?

Even though a Pass Plus certificate is potentially a fantastic opportunity to save on car insurance, it does not automatically guarantee cheaper premiums. Only young drivers who take full advantage of the Pass Plus certificate enjoy cheaper car insurance. For instance, you must conduct a meticulous research for cheap car insurance for young drivers with Pass Plus in order to find an insurance company that offers massive discounts to young drivers with the Pass Plus qualification. Currently, a majority of car insurance companies in the USA offer amazing deals for young drivers with the qualification, with some offering up to 30-percent discounts. Nonetheless, different insurers attach different weights to the qualification and charge varying premium rates. Therefore, it is prudent to compare the deals offered by as many companies as possible before you can choose the best deal available.

Getting Cheap Car Insurance Through Risk Reduction

Young drivers with Pass Plus qualification can reduce the cost of their insurance premiums by demonstrating to their insurers that insuring them does not constitute a huge financial risk. To get cheap car insurance for young drivers with pass plus, the drivers can:

  1. Drive with extra caution each day: Insurance companies rate young motorists with no history of accidents and who do not make claims very well. For young drivers, building up a clean history requires careful driving. Typically, a driver who completes a year without making a claim qualifies for a discount on the premium for the following year, and young drivers who notch up to five claim-free years of driving can receive no-claims discounts of up to 70-percent of their total coverage cost. The cost of future premiums can also be affected by the declared points on the driver’s license, speeding and using mobile phones while driving. Therefore, young drivers need to drive responsibly in order to cut the cost of their insurance premiums.
  2. Making claims only when absolutely necessary: Young drivers must know that making car insurance claims come with undesired effects on their future premium rates. For instance, almost all young drivers have excesses on their policies, meaning that they must pay the first part of the costs of their claims. Insurers usually impose compulsory excesses on car insurance policies and expect drivers to pay a certain level of voluntary excess. Usually, the higher the voluntary excess, the cheaper is the premium. Apart from the excess, making claims automatically compels insurance companies to mark out drivers as riskier and to charge them higher premiums.
  3. Enhancing security measures: The cost of car insurance premiums will depend on the security measures imposed by the young driver. For instance, keeping a car overnight off the street will reduce the risks of accidental damage and theft, hence the cost of insurance. Likewise, car insurers usually offer low-cost premiums to young drivers who have fitted tracking devices, immobilizers and alarms on their vehicles.
  4. Driving the right car: Luxury, sports and powerful cars are expensive and therefore cost more to insure. While those cars typically go faster on the roads, they can also cause more damage during accidents and require the insurance carrier to spend more during repairs or replacement. Therefore, before buying a car, a young driver should check insurance quotes for different vehicles and buy a vehicle that suits their immediate budget (purchase price) and ongoing budget (maintenance and insurance costs).
  5. Avoiding modifications: Modifying vehicle components to make them more powerful will increase the cost of insurance premiums. Therefore, any changes that can affect the car’s attractiveness to thieves or enhance its performance should not be made before discussing this further with the insurer.

Cutting Car Insurance Cost Through Coverage Adjustments

The price of insurance premiums for young drivers depend on how much protection is being sought. Typically, there are three types of policies: third-party protection, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive car insurance. Third-party protection policies cover the damages that young drivers cause to road users and other vehicles. Third-party fire and theft includes protection against theft and fire into third-party coverage. Comprehensive policies cover damages to the young driver’s vehicle and body if either the driver is at fault or no blame can be apportioned. Assessing the coverage according to your degree of risk will allow you to find the right and cheap car insurance for young drivers with Pass Plus.

Secondly, young drivers can consider paying higher excesses. Usually, the higher the excess, the cheaper are the premiums. Every insurance policy has two kinds of premiums: voluntary and compulsory. Every young driver has to pay a compulsory excess. However, the amount paid in voluntary excess solely depends on the young driver and can range from $0 to $1,000 or more. A young driver with excess of over $500 is more likely to repair minor car damages without making a claim, resulting in a better claims bonus and cheaper premiums.

Similarly, young drivers can reduce their car insurance costs by controlling their mileage. During applications for insurance coverage, insurers usually ask drivers how many miles they cover per year in order to estimate potential risks. Remember, the more you drive, the more likely you can be involved in an accident. Therefore, to modify the cost of premiums, young drivers should consider ways of using their cars less, such as joining car-share schemes, or commuting on public service vehicles.

If you want to find out the average car insurance costs for different age group and by State, please also read our article How Much Is Car Insurance Per Month.

How to Find Cheap Car Insurance for Pass Plus Drivers?

Increased competition in the car insurance industry has resulted in reduced premium costs. Today, a young driver who conducts a scrupulous search for a cheap insurer cannot fail to find affordable quotes. Nonetheless, to find cheap car insurance for young drivers with Pass Plus with great convenience, young drivers should avoid contacting several companies and going through numerous application processes. Instead, the drivers should use online price-comparison sites to find as many quotes from different insurers quickly and conveniently. Moreover, on the internet price-comparison sites, young drivers can easily assess the factors that affect premium rates and make wiser decisions. For example, young drivers can request for quotes with low excesses and high excesses and then compare the differences.

When looking for cheap car insurance, young drivers should also be aware of the payment traps. Usually, the way a driver pays for the insurance will determine the overall cost. For instance, drivers who choose to make monthly payments in order to avoid paying lump sum upfront will have to pay for the privilege. As a result, the young drivers will be paying their monthly insurance costs together with monthly interests. Since paying upfront is cheaper, young drivers who decide to make annual payments will enjoy lower-cost car insurance than those who opt for monthly payments.

Examples of Companies Offering Cheap Coverage to Young Drivers with Pass Plus

Allstate Car Insurance

This insurance company offers discounts of up to 20-percent to young drivers with Pass Plus qualification. Besides, young drivers can cut down their premiums further through safe and careful driving. For instance, Allstate offers a premium discount of up to 22% for 3 years of driving without violations/accidents, 35-percent premium plus discount for 60 months of driving without accidents or violations, and 45-percent discount for safe driving habits.

State Farm Auto Insurance

The Company offers up to 25% discounts to young drivers with Pass Plus qualification.

USAA Auto Insurance Company

The Company offers up to 20% discounts to young drivers with Pass Plus qualifications. Still, you can save even more money through a number of policies, including the USAA Roadside Assistance, Young Drivers Intelligence, Guaranteed Repairs, Safe Driver Discounts, Low mileage Discounts, and Accident Forgiveness discounts.

GEICO Car Insurance

The Company offers up to 15% worth of discounts to young drivers with Pass Plus qualifications.

If you want to find out comparison and rating for the above car insurance companies and who provides Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers, please read our article Top Car Insurance Companies and Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenagers.

So, hope you have the information required to make a decision on whether Pass Plus is something you will consider or not.

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