What is Handyman Insurance?

How much is handyman insurance

A Handyman Insurance will protect you from things like injuries or property damage that could literally put you out of business due to a lawsuit. A handyman (also known as a jack-of-all-trades) is a person that can handle a wide range of repair or maintenance work around the household (the “odd jobs”). Insurance companies consider such a person as a small business and offer policies that cover the various aspects and exposure of the profession. The distinction between a handyman and a contractor … [Read more...]

One Day Event Insurance

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What is one day event insurance? It is an insurance policy that addresses the risks of either an individual or business, who organizes or sponsors an event that invokes heavy exposure and which lasts for 24 hours or less. "Heavy exposure" means that there is a very high probability that the promoter can be held liable for either injury or property damage. This can be due to the number of attendees and/or the nature of the event. One day event insurance is designed to cover large events like … [Read more...]

What is Liability Insurance?

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Liability insurance helps protect the insured (the one who purchases the liability insurance) from the burden of claims that can arise and cause you major legal issues. You have a liability issue when you cause damage (financial or otherwise) to a third-party due to your negligence. This could be from an auto accident, a guest getting seriously injured on your property and libel and slander cases too. Once the decision has been made by the authorities that you are guilty of negligence, the … [Read more...]

What Business Liability Insurance Costs Your Business

Business Liability Insurance Costs

Why Do You Need Business Liability Insurance? The mere threat of a lawsuit against your business can chill business growth and expansion. There seems to be horror stories everywhere about frivolous lawsuits that bring companies down seemingly overnight. The good news is that there has been a huge movement on the legal fronts to bat down a lot of frivolous cases. There are also other ways to help protect your business and income from the financial devastation of legal action. You need to … [Read more...]