What is the Best Health Insurance Plan?

What is The Best Health Insurance for Family

Health insurance is an important topic of discussion for many families. The cost of getting a health insurance policy and maintaining it just keeps getting higher and higher each year. At the same time, the services provided and paid for seem to shrink. This makes for an unpleasant experience overall for many people. How can you find the best family health insurance plan that is affordable and provides the required health insurance coverage for you and your family? You could sort through them … [Read more...]

What is Critical illness Insurance?

Definition of Critical Illness Insurance   A critical illness insurance is an insurance package whereby the insurer is required to make a lump sum payment if the policyholder is diagnosed with a serious illness listed in the insurance policy. For example, this insurance can be very beneficial in providing financial protection to the policyholder or their dependents to repay their mortgage or debts due to the inability of the policyholder to work or due to death of the policyholder. This … [Read more...]

Secondary Health Insurance

Secondary health insurance

What is secondary Health Insurance?   A Secondary or Supplemental Health Insurance is a policy that is used to cover medical expenses that are not covered under your Primary Health Insurance. Usually, a Primary Insurance will include deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses that you will have to cover yourself. However, if you have a Secondary Insurance policy, you will not have to worry about those expenses as you can file a claim for reimbursement. Secondary Health insurance is optional but can … [Read more...]

What is Catastrophic Health Insurance and How Much Does it Cost?

Comparison between a traditional and a catastrophic plan

A Catastrophic Health Insurance is a policy that protects you from an unexpected serious health condition or illness and will offer you protection from unexpected medical costs. Such a plan requires you to cover your medical expenses up to a certain amount, known as a deductible. After you reach your deductible, costs incurred are paid for by the insurance company. An example is that you cover the medical costs of say the initial $2,000 of yearly expenses before the insurance coverage kicks in … [Read more...]

Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

What is Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period?   Not everyone has the privilege to visit a dentist on a regular basis for a dental check-up. So, suddenly, you will get hit with a dental problem and the first thing you will think about is to get a Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period. This means, your tooth is hurting so much and you need a solution right now. The best solution is to run to a nearby Insurance agent and ask them about Dental Insurance plans which require no waiting … [Read more...]