Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

What Is Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance? ‘’A Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance is a coverage offered to specific applicants in regards to their health / age status. Its main aim is to cover people with critical illness and it requires no medical exam. '' However, a guaranteed life insurance has an age restriction; it does not apply to everyone. All insurance companies have a specific age group they cater for. Therefore, if you don't fall in that category, you will not be allowed to get … [Read more...]

Personal Accident Insurance

What Is A Personal Accident Insurance? It's a policy which is designed to cover you and provide compensation if you are injured in an accident or become disabled as a result thereof or have a fatal accident. You might confuse it with a health insurance policy, but this one is dedicated to accidents only, yet a health insurance policy caters for all health related issues. A personal accident insurance provides you with coverage 24/7 throughout the world. Who Needs Personal Accident Insurance? Any … [Read more...]

How To Get Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

no medical exam life insurance

Why Do I need Life Insurance? Life insurance is a necessity to everyone; it does not matter whether you're rich or poor. Some people keep on asking themselves why they even need to subscribe for this type of insurance package when death is inevitable; actually the majority of people associate it with death. However, once you talk with an experienced insurance agent, they will clearly explain to you why it's important to own a life insurance policy. On the other hand, if you're searching for a … [Read more...]

Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

What is Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics? According to studies, more than 8% of the United States population has a certain type of diabetes. And, the majority of them think that they cannot get Life Insurance, which is not true. The majority of insurance companies will offer you an affordable Life Insurance plan; however, they will do this based on your medical history and your present diabetic condition. It is not that easy to get a cheap Life Insurance for diabetics, however, lodging a … [Read more...]