Life Insurance and Type 2 Diabetics Frequently Asked Questions

Since Type 2 Diabetes is now more common among younger people than it used to be, it is no longer referred to as “adult onset diabetes”. The disease is much more responsive to exercise and diet than Type 1 Diabetes and typically remains under control with a combination of diet, exercise and medication. Although insurance companies have become more liberal when insuring a diabetic, there remains many questions from potential applicants about Type 2 Diabetes and Life Insurance: Q1: Can people … [Read more...]

Errors & Omissions Insurance Q&A

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) is a form or professional liability. Sometimes, E&O is even only called professional liability. This insurance protects a practice whether medical or law, from claims of negligent advice or negligent medical surgeries and procedures (Errors). Alternatively, the problems can arise if a person fails to render advice, a surgery or a procedure (Omissions). This coverage is for doctors, laws, financial advisors or any other profession that deals with … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Insurance Q&A

Medical Malpractice Insurance protects healthcare professionals in the event they are sued fraudulently, or not fraudulently for damages they caused to a patient with a procedure they administered, medication they prescribed or a surgery they recommended / performed and more. This coverage will cover the costs associated with litigation and pay settlement claims. Above is just the very basics on what Medical Malpractice really is. Here are some commonly asked question on this ever-green … [Read more...]

Flood Insurance Q&A

Flood Insurance is one of the trickiest insurances to understand. There is a huge misconception about who needs Flood Insurance and who does not. Also, confusion around what is a flood zone, and where to even purchase a Flood Insurance policy. Given that the topic of Flood Insurance is very important to understand, it was necessary to put together a Flood Insurance Question & Answer list.   Q1: Does my Homeowner’s Insurance policy cover me for floods? A1: Your Homeowner’s Insurance … [Read more...]

Business Income Insurance Q&A

What is Business Income Insurance?   When you are running a business, you never know what issues may arise that will force you to close your doors temporarily. Business Income Insurance, which is sometimes referred to as Business Interruption Insurance, was created to provide your business with income if you have to shut your doors temporarily. Just because your business has experienced an unexpected event, why should you have to lose money in addition to closing the doors? Well, you do not … [Read more...]