Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

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What is Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period?


Not everyone has the privilege to visit a dentist on a regular basis for a dental check-up. So, suddenly, you will get hit with a dental problem and the first thing you will think about is to get a Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period. This means, your tooth is hurting so much and you need a solution right now. The best solution is to run to a nearby Insurance agent and ask them about Dental Insurance plans which require no waiting period, or you can use online websites for well-known insurance companies like Geico to get an instant quote.





The company offers two types of dental insurance plans and these include; (a) Dental Premier, (b) Dental Value. You don’t have to worry about which dentist to go to, UnitedHealthcare has almost 210,000 dentists in their network and you can have access to any of them. Their annual maximum benefit fee is only $1,000 per person. So, if your family has 4 members, this plan will cost you $4,000 annually.


Their dental insurance plans have covered your smile, they let you select any dentist of your choice, it does not matter if the dentist is not in their network, you will still be covered, wow, that is awesome compared to other insurance companies. Forget about meeting out-of-pocket deductibles for at least a year. Get an Aflac Quote here.




Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) Insurance

DHMO is sometimes preferred to as pre-paid plans; this kind of policy will require you to work with one dentist. You will always coordinate your oral issues and needs with one particular dentist, and if at all, they fail to fix a given oral problem, the dentist is granted permission under the policy to refer you to another health expert. In general DHMO are affordable, sometimes you will only pay a fraction of your dental bills and the rest is covered by the policy. If you work with a good Insurer, you can get free offers on orthodontia and cosmetic procedures at zero cost.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Dental Insurance

If you have been dealing with health insurance policies for a while, this PPO term shouldn’t be new to you. PPO plans are quoted in terms of percentage. In this case, the Insurer will cover a certain percentage of your detail bills and you will foot the rest. If you want to save money with this package, you will be required to visit a dentist who is covered in that PPO network, so once you visit a dentist who is out of the PPO network, the insurer will pay lower fees / percentage for you, this means you will foot the biggest percentage of the bill.

Fee-For-Service Dental Insurance Plans

I guess most of you know it as an indemnity plan, it’s a typical policy, however, it works more like the PPO plan, when you use a dentist in the Insurer’s network, you will pay a small fee and the insurer will clear the rest, though the percentage (%) will vary depending on the type of coverage you have with the insurer. In most cases, the insurer will pay 80% and you will pay 20%. On the other hand, this traditional plan will require the applicant to have an annual maximum amaount of coverage which differs from company to company.



In this post, we have seen that a dental insurance is for covering bills associated with your dental care. So, let’s see what you can do to get the right dental plan for you and your family.

  • WRITE DOWN YOUR NEEDS: Before calling an agent or filling out any insurance form to get a quote, I suggest you list down your needs, if this is not done, you might find it difficult to choose the right plan. Since, this is your first time, I suggest you have a chat with your dentist, let them examine you and tell you what is required to keep your dental formula healthy.
  • DO SOME RESEARCH: After outlining your options and needs, you need to take another extra step; you can use the internet to make comparisons or go to local insurance agents in your area. Ask them if they have dental insurance plans and what is covered in those plans. When you compare more than one provider, you will notice that one of them has better options and their rates might even be lower. If not, you can ask a friend or a family member about this nature of insurance plan.
  • COST: You can either pay annually or monthly for a dental plan. However, you need to be sure that your earnings cover your selected plan. Remember that some plans will cater for 80% of your dental bills, but don’t get lied that you’re not paying for that 80%. Let’s look into this, let’s say you pay $1,000 annually for a particular dental plan and you only visit your dentist twice a year and they charge you $200 per visit. The plan will cover 80% of each $200, and you will cover the 20%, if you add the total paid by the insurer, you will notice that they pay less than the $1,000 you are billed every year to keep that plan.
  • LOCAL DENTIST: Sometimes you will not be able to bear that dental pain when it arises, so, in that case, it is better to sign up with a local dentist. You need to check with your insurer which local dentists are covered under their network. Once you confirm the list of local dentists in your area, go there or phone them and ask them which insurance plans they are willing to accept. Get all the facts from the various dentists in your area, compare the information you have gathered before you make a decision on which dental insurance plan you signup with.
  • COMPARE ALL DENTAL INSURANCE PLANS: In the above paragraph, I have suggested you go and talk to a dentist in your area so that you know which dental insurance plans they provide. However, these dentist will be in the same network, so there is a possibility of getting the same information. Now, to widen your scope of information, you need to compare different dental insurance plans from various dental insurance companies. To save time on this, you can use the internet, write down 5 – 8 companies and start comparing monthly premiums for each insurer, you might notice that some of them offer low cost monthly premiums while others offer more expensive premiums. Now, after knowing the premium rate, equate each premium and know what you get as an applicant. The other method of making comparisons is to call dentists within your reach. Use local business directories which have contacts for all local dentists and health specialists. When you call a dentist, ask them about different dental plans and what they think about them. During the conversation, you can ask them to recommend a good dental insurance plan and an insurer who can offer an affordable rate.
  • Use Healthcare: This is a government owned health care website. Ever since the health bill was passed in United States of America, the government has been trying to educate the society via this website; it contains all kinds of information which you can depend on when making a decision to choose a dental insurance plan. You can learn about fees and it also has a large database of information and knowledge about healthcare.

Now you should have sufficient information to find the right dental insurance plan.

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