Is Pet Insurance Worth It for a Dog

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Is Pet Insurance Worth Buying?


My Argument On Pet Insurance:

This is a question asked by many pet / dog owners. Yes, it is worth insuring your Dog’s life as surely you have a bond and strong attachment to them. It is not uncommon to find a Dog owner so attached to their Dog that he or she will do everything to make sure that their pet lives a long and happy life. I guess we all know that saying ”A dog is a man’s best friend”…it’s a fact, dogs are so lovely and friendly to their Masters and people around them. Since they are good friends and keepers at the same time, it is better to reward them back with a pet insurance coverage to fully protect them when the need arises.

In a recent survey conducted by the Associated Press, they discovered that a big number of pet owners (41%) were worried about the health of their dogs and most of them thought they might not afford the costs once things start to go south for their Dog.

Now that we know how important it is to consider the health and wellbeing of our dogs, is pet health insurance worth the cost? Or is it a waste of money, after all it’s just a pet.

This is a tough question? Because we all have different levels of attachment to our pets / dogs, therefore it’s a personal choice. For people like me who feel for our dogs, it is a big ‘yes’ and health insurance is worth all the cost. Mind you, making this decision will also be based on your emotions and financial status. For example, if you have a very low income, insuring your dog might be a luxury, so, in this case, you can find a local Vet and take your pet regularly for a check-up – this will save you money and at the same time, your pet’s health will generally by good.



I believe it’s important to put some dollars on the side to fund your pet’s insurance bill. If you still value the companionship and security that your dog gives you, it is best to plan ahead for your dog.

However, if your dog is very healthy and has less chances of getting hit by genetic illnesses, then it might not be worth paying for its insurance. But it’s not possible to find such a dog, because as with most things in life, there is no guarantee that your dog won’t fall sick or run onto the road and get hit and injured by a car.



Of course, all pet insurance companies advise you to think of that other member of the family and take up pet insurance. This is simply because it is not possible to predict when your dog will fall sick or require medical treatment.


What Other People Have To Say: (According To Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Company)


Question Asked: Is Pet Insurance Essential?


is pet insurance worth it for a dogSource: healthypawspetinsurance


The answer to this might not please you, but let’s hope the government thinks twice about this. Unfortunately, your pet’s insurance is not tax deductible…and neither is their food or healthcare…all of the above is taxed. It won’t be that easy to pay for pet insurance especially if you are a single parent, with a pet to care for in your house.



If you’re familiar with medical health insurance, pet insurance works in much the same way. The exception is that pet insurance is dedicated to pets only compared to health insurance which can also include your other family members. Unlike medical health insurance for humans where the insurer suggests doctors & physicians within their network, when it comes to pet insurance, the insurance provider will allow you to visit any licensed Vet of your choice. Further, if you want to make a claim, you pay the Vet first, fill in all necessary paperwork and then submit your claim to your insurer for reimbursement.


Pet Insurance Coverage:

Just like any other types of insurance, pet insurance companies use a tiered system to sell insurance coverage. These vary from company to company and also the costs will differ, so, you have to compare rates and coverage provided by the various pet insurance companies. Below is a list of coverage provided by most pet insurance companies:

  • Emergency Coverage: So far, this is the cheapest coverage you can get from a pet insurance company. This policy covers pet medical treatment, Vet bills and hospitalization. However, Vet bills will be covered up to a certain amount only and this coverage will not cater for routine Vet visits; you will be required to pay out-of-your-pocket.
  • Emergency and Illness Coverage: With this package, your pet will be granted routine visits, treatment of sudden illnesses, cater for surgeries, if necessary and all related treatments. Under this coverage, the policy-holder who in this case is the Dog owner and their Dog will file claims for vaccination, neutering and physical examination once per year.
  • Full Coverage: This particular coverage speaks for itself. ”FULL COVERAGE”…this means it covers all medical expenses for your pet. It will cater for every medical issue which arises and this can include issues like; accidents, medical examination, dental care, treating critical illness, spaying and neutering and much more. Since this is a full coverage, the cost is generally higher than the other types of coverage.



Now that you have decided to reward your pet / dog with a pet insurance policy, you also need to know how much it will cost you. But there is nothing special pet insurance; it is the same as you would pay for your other insurances. For example, you can decide to pay monthly premiums or annual premiums for your pet to stay covered. On average, this is what you will pay.

  • $11 – $17 per month for Basic Emergency Coverage
  • $32 – $39 per month for Emergency and Illness Coverage
  • $50 – $55 per month for Emergency, Illness and Routine Coverage
  • $47 – $92 per month for Full Coverage.


The answer is YES; some insurance companies are very strict and others may impose restrictions on particular dog breeds. If your dog’s breed falls into a red flagged category you might find it difficult to qualify. Aggressive breeds like Pit Bulls might be covered at high premiums or the insurer might decline your application. So as you opt for a particular insurance company, it is better to ask them which breeds they cover and the ones they don’t. In my opinion you should deal with an insurer who has no restriction on which breed they insure.




Finally, that hard decision has been made and your lovely and playful dog / pet is about to get insured. But before taking any further steps, you need to consider the following:

  • DOG’S HEALTH AND AGE: You have to consider the status of your dog before applying for its insurance. In most cases, young puppies and strong healthy dogs don’t get sick often. Therefore, in most cases, the potential risk for these two categories is an accident. With that in mind, you can pay for an Emergency-only coverage. However, as dogs age, they become weak just like human beings and you may also notice that your dog will not be as active as it used to be. This is a good indicator of the start of poor health conditions, so you have to be prepared and provide your dog with a full insurance policy coverage at that stage.
  • FINANCE: Insuring a dog is not cheap and not everyone can afford to pay high premiums on a monthly basis. So, as much as you love your dog, it is better you look into your finances as well. If you can’t sustain the coverage, look for a nearby Vet to take care of your pet whenever it gets sick.

It’s time for you to do more research and get the right Pet Insurance for your lovely dog!

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