The Auto Insurance Company “FACE-OFF” Tournament Series 2015 – State Farm Vs Allstate

Introductions Whether you are a policyholder who likes to “discount double check” or a policyholder who sleeps better at night because “you’re in good hands”, you can’t deny that State Farm and Allstate are both two of the heavyweights in the Auto Insurance division / industry. Both have been around forever it seems; both have large adverting budgets and both frequently have very funny, Super Bowl ads that keep the water cooler at work on Monday buzzing all week. However, what if these two … [Read more...]

The Auto Insurance Company “FACE-OFF” Tournament Series 2015 – Geico vs Progressive

Geico vs Progressive - Introductions Every insurance company out there says they are the best and have the most comprehensive and affordable auto insurance. However, how does an insurance prospect really know who is truly the best and who they should sign up with? Today, we are going to put two of the largest insurance carriers in the United States of America against one another and let you see who would win if these two ever squared off in the boxing ring. What’s in it for you? Both Geico … [Read more...]